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NOTICE: SmartHub to replace E-Bill system


The net payment is due by the 10th; however, we allow a grace period of 5 business days before the gross amount is due. Any payments received after this grace period are assessed a 10% late fee. If payment is not received by the 27th, you may be disconnected from service. If you know you are going to be late with a payment, please contact our office.


Ways to pay your bill

1. Online - Use the links above to create an online account or log in, and make a payment using debit/credit/check.

2. Mail - Send your payment to MJM Electric Cooperative, 264 N. East St., P.O. Box 80, Carlinville, IL 62626

3. Office - Drop off your payment at our front desk weekdays from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., or after hours use the drop-off box located outside, in front of the MJM building.

4. Call - Make your payment over the phone by calling 217-854-3137 during office hours or 1-800-648-4729 after hours.

5. Recurring Bank Draft Checking/Savings Payments -  The net amount due shown is the amount that will be drafted from your checking/savings account. It will be drafted on the due date shown on your bill. This payment option is available by signing up online or contacting MJM at 217-854-3137.

6. Recurring Credit/Debit PaymentsThe net amount due shown is the amount that will be drafted from your credit/debit card. It will be charged on the due date shown on your bill. This payment option is available by signing up onlinecontacting MJM at 217-854-3137, or by completing the form located on your bill and marking the Authorization Box on the form. 



We now accept Visa, Discover, and MasterCard payments

You can pay with these cards online through our electronic billing (E-bill) system or by contacting our office.


Use your E-bill account to make online payments and view bills

Signing up for an E-bill account is quick and easy. To create an account, register here. Once your online account is set up, you can make payments online using either a credit card or bank account.

Through your account, you can view your current bill and previous bills. Using this feature, you can view the amount of electricity used at your location each month.


"Does this mean I have to pay my bill online?"

No, registering for an electronic billing account does not mean you are required to pay bills online. Registering does allow you to view copies of your bill online and to view a record of your usage history. Registering for an account provides you with more information and more options, but doesn't require you to use any options with which you are not comfortable.


"Does this mean I will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail?"

No, if you register for electronic billing, you will still receive a paper bill in the mail. You may choose to stop receiving a paper bill, but this is an option that is completely up to you. There is an option in your E-bill account to go paperless. Selecting this option will allow you to pay your bills online without the hassle of receiving a paper statement in the mail each month.



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